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Afghan Bhaijaan 

The YouTuber from Afghanistan who makes roast videos. And many peoples watch him because of his attractive laughing. The majority he makes videos on some Pakistani people. And he is popular in India and Afghanistan. At this time he has more than 350k subscribers on YouTube. Just because of his funny talking and laughing his videos gone viral.

About his viral video related to Pulwama attack: From giving threats of an impending tsunami that would devastate Pakistan to mocking Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, these videos have come up after the Pulwama attack in Jammu & Kashmir.

he posted a video with the warning of a “befitting” reply to Pakistan, these videos show how emotions are running high in Afghanistan after the attack.

“India and Pakistan are together a punch to Pakistan. India will retaliate strongly and Pakistan will suffer,” says a sometimes-happy-sometimes-angry ‘Afghan Bhaijaan’ in a 13-minute long video.


With strategically placed photos, politics and a rather melodramatic background tune, Afghan Bhaijaan says it is time for a befitting reply to Pakistan.

He slams both ISI and Pakistani military and calls them bad people.

“Pakistan-sponsored terrorism has resulted in the death of innocent people,” he adds as he shows a closed fist to the camera offering support to his Indian ‘bhaijans’. The video, posted on YouTube on February 15 after the Pulwama terror attack, has since gone viral with over 6 lakh views and around 25,000 comments.

Afghan Bhaijaan is not an isolated case. His is one of the many YouTube channels from Afghanistan that seem to have been bitten by the hysteria bug on social media.

Another Afghan national posted a similar video on ‘Words Era’ YouTube channel on February 21.

In a video titled ‘Afghani Pathan Bhai’s Reply on India’, a youth mocks Pakistan and breaks into periodic laughter. Behind him are the words ‘Thank you India’ and ‘Afghan Bhaijaan’ in yellow undertones.

Calling India a peace-loving nation, the ‘Pathan Bhai’ asks Pakistan to think about why tourists fear to visit their country which “harbors terrorists”. He asks India not to worry about Pakistan, which he says is no threat at all. The video has received over 230000  views so far.

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