Hindustani Bhau Biography – Real Name, Biodata, Details, Bio, Address, History and more


Hindustani Bhau Biography

Vikas Jayram Phatak is an India famous YouTuber who is popular for his videos. He makes videos that are related to Trolling and making fun of someone or giving hard reply to haters of India (Specially Pakistanis). His fans know him as a Hindustani Bhau. His channel name is also Hindustani Bhau and his nickname is bablu Phatak.

So, guys, Hindustani Bhau is from a middle-class family. His father was an employ but because of some issues, his father left the job. Then Bhau’s family survived in very poor conditions. That’s why Bhau can’t complete his school. Hindustani Bhau left his school after the 7th class. And he started to work by bunking the school. He did work in Hotels, Ladies bars and any more. Then he started improving himself and started doing some more work. He did many things in his child’s age. Now he has some flats, buildings, and his own car also. He doesn’t reveal his business but I think he does real estate business or he has many flats which are on the rent or he buys properties and sells. Something will be like that.

Hindustani Bhau is married and he has one son also. He lives with his family including his mother and father. He loves his family. His outlook is violent but he is a very emotional person.


He has a large fan base on social media, Bhau is on tik tok, Instagram, YouTube and everywhere. His fans believe in Hindustani Bhau. And the main thing is this he is a new memes trend in India. You can watch some famous memes of Bhau below. Hindustani Bhau said I am here because of these people who share my videos, who makes my memes, and who support me.

So let’s talk about his Controversies: he is famous because of his controversial speech: Hindustani Bhau have Controversies with khan babaDr. TurkiGucci khan, Sajida Ahmed, Deepak Kalal, and some others.

So, guys, this is what I know about Hindustani Bhau. If you want to share your information about Hindustani bhau please comment below or send us news. Thanks



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