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Hindustani Bhau Dialogues: Nikal Laude Pehli Fursat Me Nikal. Watch memes and his dialogues videos below.

Vikash Pathak (Hindustani Bhau) is a popular Indian YouTuber, born on 7 August. He makes videos using an utterly abusive foul language against Pakistan or whom he perceives to be Pakistani supporters. The Hindustani Bhau Real Name is Vikas Jayaram Phatak or Fatak. His nickname is Bablu Fatak, and he is also known as Hindustani Bhau. He makes videos gives a reply to some Pakistani peoples who talk bad things about India. Check out his some famous dialogues

1) Nikal Laude Pehli Fursat Me Nikal:

If you know Hindi then you don’t need to explain this, but if you don’t know Hindi these words total abuse. That means someone is saying you get out of here including abuse for you. Check out some examples below.

2) Uthta Hai Kya Tera:

Hindustani Bhau uses this when he is talking about someone who is weak in health but talking like a bodybuilder. As you can watch in the below meme.


3) Jai Hind Dosto:

He uses these words in starting of his videos. And this is also his famous tagline.

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