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Hindustani Bhau – Indian YouTube Star And youth popular personality (New Trend Of Memes)

Hindustani Bhau is born on 7 August. He is a popular YouTuber from India. He makes a video on India-Pakistan’s controversy in the Munna Bhai style. He mostly shoots his video in his car, his talking style is awesome. People enjoy his videos. But he uses abusing or adult language in his videos.

The Hindustani Bhau Real Name is Vikas Jayaram Phatak or Fatak. His nickname is Bablu Fatak, and he is also known as Hindustani Bhau. He makes videos to gives a reply to some Pakistani peoples who talk bad things about India.

Memes Trend may come and go But, Nowadays a new and slangy meme trend has arrived. The reason behind this meme trend is none other than Hindustani Bhau which seems like Munna Bhai Of Parallel Universe. Duplicate of Munna Bhai, he has created millions of fans on social media because of his original slangy voice and dialogues such as “Nikal La*de! Pehli fursat me nikal”. Our Hindustani Bhau has trolled a lot of people including Javed Akhtar, Pakistani Cricket Team, and a lot more.


He being famous because of his toning of speech and his angry look. He looks like Munna Bhai (Indian actor personality Sanjay Dutt). Right now he has more than 150k subscribers on his official YouTube channel. He publishes video daily or weekly, he doesn’t edit his video, he shoots his video by his mobile camera and directly uploads on YouTube. And his every video goes viral.

I want to discuss one best incident of Hindustani Bhau. He was on a trip with his family and there was a camp of the Indian navy army. Then one of the major is coming to meet Hindustani Bhau and he hugged to Hindustani Bhau and said your videos are awesome. He also said I support you. This whole incident Hindustani Bhau shared in his interview with Evasion studios.

Controversies: Hindustani Bhau has Controversy with Pakistani man “khan baba” the second one is  Dr. Turki who is also a Pakistani YouTuber and One more Pakistani woman “Sajida Ahmed.

Name     Vikas Jayaram Phatak
Nickname       Hindustani Bhau
Famous ForControversial videos
Physical Stats & More
Height5 feet 8 inches
weight70 kg
Body MeasurementsN/A
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Hindustani Bhau Wife
: He got married on 13 December.
Hindustani bhau real name wifeHindustani Bhau Work/Business: YouTuber, a news reporter at Daksh police times, he is also the founder of NGO Sankalp Yuva Pratisthan.

Hindustani Bhau basically uses an abusive language against Pakistan or whom he perceives to be as Pakistani sympathizers. India and Pakistan are going through a very rough phase of international relationships and with the rise of a right-wing nationalist party as the government of India for 2nd term has boosted the confidence within the Hindu nationalists’ right-wing supporters across the nation. So any sort of criticism and abuses against Pakistan and Pakistani sympathizers are loved by many Indians, especially the youth. Plus the way Hindustani Bhau abuses with creativity in his abuses with the typical Maharashtrian /Mumbaikar accent he uses makes it look very funny and amusing to many. It’s apparent from the massive views and likes he gets on his videos. Relatively dislikes are far far less on his videos. He got this much fame after people started making Memes out of his videos.

Personally, I believe that people like Hindustani Bhau who utter such violent and sexual abuses should not be supported and not be made a sensation, not even in a humorous way. The fact that we are normalizing such things is a very dangerous sign and such people, directly and indirectly, affect society in the wrong way. Especially the impact on children and youth is profound.

We will update this post soon. And we will give you more information about Hindustani Bhau. Stay tuned for more updates.



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