How to change name in PUBG for second time | Step by Step Guide for changing your PUBG Name


How to change the name in PUBG for the second time

Changing the name of your PUBG account is a very simple procedure. Below is the step by step procedure to change your PUBG account name. Everyone wants to rename their name with new and attractive symbols or with their new clan name.

First of all, I want to tell you, the procedure for changing the name the second time, is the same as the first time. To changing PUBG name at the first time or second time, you need a rename card, for your kind information you can only change PUBG name with Rename Card. In the Progress Mission tab, when you reach LVL 10, You will get a free Rename card, which you can use to rename your character. Another way is only by purchasing with 180 UC cash. You can go there from SHOP options and click others and buy the rename card.

Step by Step procedure to change your name in PUBG

1. Open the app to the home screen (main menu): Open your PUBG account, which you want to edit your name.

2. Select Inventory from the menu at the bottom: Open your Inventory Section. The inventory button is just beside of Mission.

3. Tap the crate icon on the right-hand side: Just go on the crates box, and find your Rename Card Crate. As I said above, you need a rename card to change the name.

How to change name in pubg

4. Tap the Rename Card and tap Use. Enter your new name and tap OK. Wait!! if you need some ideas for Awesome and Attractive Names, click here and watch new symbols, names ideas, and styles, (You can only change your name once per day)

PUBG5. For Example: Write your new PUBG name and click on ok. Enjoy the game with your new name, if you think this was a useful tutorial don’t forget to subscribe to our website, we will notify you about any PUBG new update, news, and latest updates.



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