How to join a Clan in PUBG | Step by Step Tutorial to join a clan in PUBG Mobile

Join pubg clan

You can join any PUBG clan, here’s how? 

PUBG is a multiplayer online game, which is famous in the mobile games community. today I am introducing you, to PUBG new feature “CLAN’. Here is all you need to know about PUBG Clan, You will get known everything related to How to join Clan? Where to join a clan, which clan can be joined, and more.

In 2018, PUBG launched a clan feature in the game, which allows players to team up and create groups with friends. PUBG Players started making our new clans and started joining a new clan. Below is the information about what can you do with your clan.

Clans can be customized with “unique icons”, Names, and descriptions, etc. A clan will reward clan members with exclusive items for “climbing in ranks and completing challenges”. There are many advantages to joining a clan. First of all, take a look at a small procedure of How to join a clan.

How to join a clan in PUBG.

Below is the step by step guide for joining your new clan. This process is very easy and short, just follow this step with me.

  1. First of all, Open your PUBG mobile app or PUBG PC. You can see the Clan feature just beside of Inventory and workshop. (just click on the clan button)How to join a clan in pubg
  2. In the second step, PUBG will show you some clans, which will be based on suggestions, or any other PUBG feature, but you will join any other clan by searching the clan name.

    Join clan in pubg
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  3. For example, search for MachineSquad in the search bar. That clan will be there with their information and many more things. You can see there a Request button, just click on it and you have joined that clan. Now you are an official member of the MachineSquad. You can add a Machine word in your name if you want to play consistently with clan members.join a clan in pubg
  4. How to use and take advantage of the clan. In your clan section, click on the Clan Training photo, which is just below of clan name, then you will see a mission on the right side. You need to complete that mission, then you will get awesome to complete clan mission

(Note: In some clans, there will be some requirements to join a clan, like your KD must more than 3 or 4, your tier must be crown or ace, etc, but currently, MachineSquad clan has no requirements limit, anyone can join now.)

Advantages of joining a clan: By joining any clan, you can get some rewards, if you play the game regularly and performs well. You can shop for some coins, inventory items, room cards, and other things, etc. The main advantage of joining a clan is you will improve your team synergy by playing with your clan members, or your friends. You can build your team synergy by playing together for a long time, there is no need for a clan.

This is about joining a common clan, if you want to join any competitive clan, you need to perform better, and you need to improve your gameplay. There are many Competitive Clans out there on Discord, join there servers and see their Requirements for recruitment. If your stats meet those requirements, DM them, they might take tryouts and then get you in their Lineup. Note: There is a notion among today’s gamers especially, PUBG mobile gamers that they will get recruited in one of the Top Teams like – Soul, ETG brawlers, 8 bit, ENTITY, Fnatic, IND, INS, etc but honestly it doesn’t work that way. See In PUBG community there is a Term called “Tier” and all these teams mentioned above are T1 teams across various servers and hence they are inviting only Clans, you can get recruited there Only if they invite you.

According to the new update of PUBG, you can choose the role of your clan. There are some roles like a classic clan and others.

So guys, thanks for visiting, I hope you got how to join a clan and become a clan member. I regularly upload here pubg related news articles, come again.

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