How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG & BGMI TDM (Team Death Match) | Smart Way To Make Money by playing PUBG and BGMI


How to make money by playing PUBG and BGMI TDM

Hey Gaming Lovers, now you can earn a lot of money by playing just some TDM matches. You got a new earning platform, from “BGMI TDM League” (BTL). This is the telegram group having almost 2000 active members, who earn daily money by playing TDM. BTL is fully trusted and fully fantastic. (हिंदी में पढ़ें: यहां क्लिक करे)

How to play BTL

1. Join Telegram Group “BGMI TDM League (BTL)”. Here is a Direct link:

2. To play a paid TDM, send a short message in a group. For example: 1 v 1 (gun) & amount. You can play with any gun and any mode.

3. Now, the interested player will reply to you, if both players are ready, discuss your rules. Your message should be like (No nade, No level 3, no slide, give position (tap fire), no camp, etc) (write in one line only)


4. After this, both players need to pay the same amount, just type the “Pay” word in the group, you will get payment methods. You can also store your money in BTL for the next matches. Money Prices are as follows.

No.Your Entry AmountWinning PriceCommission Deduction 
1.50 RS100 RS0%
2.100 RS200 RS0%
3.200 RS400 RS0%
4.500 RS1000 RS0%
5.1000 RS2000 RS0%

Rules for playing BTL

1. Exit means loose, Rematch is only possible, If the match becomes Tie or Draw. 2 Rematches will happen. 3rd rematch result depends on the last kill. The last killer is a winner in 3 rd Match. No more arguments…

2. If you break any rule, you lose the match. If any player breaks the rule one time by mistake, without killing the enemy, that is ok. You can voice chat with an opponent in-game, to sort out your issues.

3. Two Rules are compulsory in BTL, No camp, and Giving position by Tap Fire. (In, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, and 4 v 4 matches, this rules decision depends on Admin)

4.  You can ask for a POV screen recording of the opponent, at the time of discussing rules. Just add the rule (pov must). Every new member needs to send the pov screen recording of his first paid match to the Admin. Admin will hold your payment until POV comes.

5. Lowest amount 50 RS maximum No limit. You’ll be paid out when your unpaid earnings reach the payment threshold of 50 RS.

6. If you cancel match after deposit, 10 % deduction, and refund. Payment on only evining and night. Minimum threshold necessary of amount 50.

7. Only Group members can play the PTL. So invite your friends to play PTL (Link:

join the group and rear pinned message for latest updates