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Checkout Hindustani Bhau Address, Where he lives, and more

Hindustani Bhau is a person who makes videos on India and Pakistan Controversies. He mostly uses abuse language in his videos, that’s why some dialogues like (nikal La*de and pehli fursat me nikal) become famous. He is a new meme trend in India.

Hindustani Bhau lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. His hometown is Mumbai. Bhau’s birthplace is also Mumbai. He had his first meet up plan in Mumbai. Hindustani Bhau lives at Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai – 400052. He lives near to Ganpati mandir Savli Tanda.

Vikas Jayram Phatak is an India famous YouTuber who is popular for his videos. He makes videos that are related to Trolling and making fun of someone or giving hard reply to haters of India (Specially Pakistanis). His fans know him as a Hindustani Bhau. His channel name is also Hindustani Bhau and his nickname is bablu Phatak.

So, guys, Hindustani Bhau is from a middle-class family. His father was an employ but because of some issues, his father left the job. Then Bhau’s family survived in very poor conditions. That’s why Bhau can’t complete his school. Hindustani Bhau left his school after the 7th class. And he started to work by bunking the school. He did work in Hotels, Ladies’ bars and any more. Then he started improving himself and started doing some more work. He did many things in his child’s age. Now he has some flats, buildings, and his own car also. He doesn’t reveal his business but I think he does real estate business or he has many flats which are on the rent or he buys properties and sells. Something will be like that.

Hindustani Bhau is married and he has one son also. He lives with his family including his mother and father. He loves his family. His outlook is violent but he is a very emotional person.

He has a large fan base on social media, Bhau is on tik tok, Instagram, YouTube and everywhere. His fans believe in Hindustani Bhau. And the main thing is this he is a new memes trend in India. You can watch some famous memes of Bhau below. Hindustani Bhau said I am here because of these people who share my videos, who makes my memes, and who support me.

So let’s talk about his Controversy: he is famous because of his controversial speech: Hindustani Bhau has Controversy with khan babaDr. TurkiGucci khan, Sajida Ahmed, Deepak Kalal, and some others.

Soul Mortal Name, pubg id, Symbol, Real name, Wiki, Age, Members, Team, Girlfriend, Biography and more


All you need to know about Indian Popular Gamer and Streamer Soul Mortal (Mortal)

Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) is an Indian Professional Online Gamer and Streamer. He mostly plays the PUBG Game. Mortal is famous as a gaming YouTuber. He uploads and streams PUBG Gameplay on his youtube channel “Mortal”

He is one of the popular Indian pubg Heros. He started his gaming or youtube journey by uploading videos like tricks and tips on how to play pubg. Then he realized that he has all that skills which can help him to become a professional gamer.

Mortal was born on 22 May 1996. He loves to play games from his childhood. He played Marion, Mini Militia, etc games in his childhood. Now Soul Mortal is a 23-year-old graduate. He is graduated from B Com.

About Soul Mortal Pubg: He likes to use DP-28, M416, SMGs, Vector, UMP and AKM Guns in PUBG Game. Mostly he doesn’t use a sniper, because he is not so perfect in Sniping. His pubg id is 590211476. And his pubg name is Soul Mortal. His other favorite games are GTA, Counterstrike, Mini Militia, Mario, etc. Mortal is one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the world. Nowaday He is turning his career in full-time Gamer. He is popular with his gaming skills and gun combinations.

Soul Mortal pubg player
Mortal with his squad Soul

Soul Mortal Income and Net Worth:

As of his youtube stats his earning will be more than (1 Lacks Rupees) one lacks Indian rupees per month. And soul mortals net worth will be more than (20 Lacks) twenty lacks Indian rupees.

Read This: Who is the Best PUBG Player in the World?


  • Pubg Mobile Streamer and Entertainer
  • Owner- Team SouL
  • PMCO India Region Champions 🇮🇳🥇
  • PMCO Global Rank 12th

Soul Mortal Symbol:

Mortal Face, Photo, Image:

Some Real Facts:

Real NameNaman Mathur
ProfessionOnline Gamer / Youtuber
Age23 Years (As Of 2019)
Soul Team MembersMortal, Ronak, Viper, Owais
Birthplace & HometownMaharashtra, India
GirlfriendRaven (Gamer)
Pubg NameSoul Mortal
Mortal Pubg id590211476


Soul Mortal Body Measurements:

Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight58 kg
Body Measurements37 – 29 -13 Inches
Chest Size37 Inches
Waist Size29 Inches
Biceps Size13 Inches
Shoe Size10 Inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


Girlfriend photos:

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It's a bit late to post this but still CONGRATULATIONS Naman aka @ig_mortal For 3M Subscribers on YouTube. I know these People or Numbers don't just mean subscribers to you instead they are more like a Family and means a lot to you. I also remember at the time of 2m you were away from house and wanted ki 3m ke time Mumbai ho with your family so well this time your wish has been granted. But the one the thing which I love the most about you is that even after getting all this fame you are still the same person whom I met first time in lobby without any attitude and so down to earth ❤️. Abhk ke liye baas itana hi baki 4m pe bolungi. And haan meri party abhi bhi due hai CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN FOR 3M AND YOU STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO

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Dhruv Rathi Age, Details, Earning, Lives in, Girlfriend, Biography and more


Meet Dhruv Rathee The Indian Youtuber, small journalist, and media personality. He is most famous for his youtube videos, where he uploads videos of his view on current problems like social and political issues.

Dhruv Rathi is an Indian political, social & environmental activist and an educator spreading awareness through videos. Dhruv Rathi says Join the fight against lies, corruption, injustice, and propaganda with me.

Dhruv is known for making informative in-depth videos on social, political issues on Youtube and exposes the paid propaganda/lies spread around in India to fool the people. With most mainstream newspapers, social media channels becoming sold out to different political and corporate influencers, it’s hard to trust what you see on the TV.

This Channel is all about Learning, Awareness, and Education. He raises critical social, political and environmental issues facing India and educates you on important things which matter in your life (for example personal finance). See the world from a new perspective. Ground Reports from across the world will make you more aware and logical analysis will make you think more critically. Learn how you can make the world a better place! Be the change you want to see, join him by subscribing to his youtube channel.


  • Dhruv Rathee History: Dhruv Rathee is born in Haryana. He did study in a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in Germany and Currently, he studies in a master’s in renewable energy engineering.
  • Physique: Dhruv Rathee’s age is only 24 Years. His height is 6’1″ (six feet and one inch), Hiss’s weight will be 65 kg.
  • Marriage Status: Unmarried.
  • Where Dhruv Rathee Lives: He doesn’t live in India and Germany. He doesn’t reveal his current address. (If I get that I will never show you 😊)


  • Favourite News Media Sources: The Hindu, Hindustani Times, Indian Express, News Lottery, Logical Indian, etc
  • Favorite Actor: Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhavan.
  • Favorite Journalist: Ravish Kumar.

Where Dhruv Rathee Lives: He doesn’t live in India and Germany. He doesn’t reveal his current address because of security purposes.


He is from Jat Family which is Jat is Shudhra caste in history. Jat comes in a backward category all over India except Haryana and Punjab. He doesn’t reveal his family details, but he posted this picture of his girlfriend, whose name is not known.

This is the full video of my interview with Ravish Kumar on NDTV India Primetime, we discuss the growing trends in India and across the world, regarding mainstream media, its impact on the people and the democracy of India. We also talk about the freedom of the press and how I started making videos on Youtube. This Primetime aired on 9th November 2018 at 9 pm on NDTV India.

I hope you got everything you want to know about Dhruv Rathee. Personally I am also his supporter/fan. So, guys, feel free to comment below and come back.

Round To Hell Meaning in Hindi, Round 2 Hell Cast, Wiki, Income, R2H Actors Name, Details and Biography


Round To Hell is a youtube channel, It uploads entertainment videos. Checkout Names, Biographies Below casts or characters names of Round to Hell Youtube Channel Actors.

These three guys are a college drop out students, they studied in the same city. Opening the youtube channel is Nazim’s idea. They got this super name “Round To Hell” by one incident of Drifting car, At that time they feel like that drift day is will be the last day that’s why they said this was round to hell.

Meaning in Hindi: Round to hell means “नरक के चारों ओर घूमना


Nazim Ahmed


Nazim Ahmed is a famous character in Round To Hell Team. His real name is also Nazim. He is Born on 1 September, at Muradabad, U. P. India.



Washim Ahmed is also a popular personality in the Round to hell team. He also uses his real name in videos. He is Born on 12 July at Muradabad, U. P. India.
Zayan Saifi


Zayan is the most fun character. He is Born on 12 February at Muradabad, U. P. India.

U. P. Means Uttar Pradesh

This following picture is a full team of round to hell including cameraman, editor, backstage workers and more. These all are friends.

According to Social Blade “Round 2 Hell’s Income” is $18.9K – $303.1K. R2H Income is 13,68,731.50 Indian Rupees (13 Lacks). But according to youtube CPC in India, that real income or earning will be 4 to 5 lacks per month.

Youtube channel stats:

    Oct 20th, 2016

youtubersbio.com was launched on August 3, 2019, with a mission to provide precise & frequent information, hard-hitting analysis, Biographies, Income Reports and constructive media reviews from the multiple realms of the youtube community universe to inform and entertain YouTubers fans around the globe.

Wrestle Chatter Owner Rohit Pant Income, Earning, Real Name, Face, and Biography

Check out all you need to know about Rohit Pant, who is the Owner of the youtube channel Wrestle Chatter.

Wrestle Chatter is a youtube channel that provides content related to Pro Wrestling including WWE Updates, news, rumors, info about wrestling world, upcoming event predictions, rumors, opinions and many more things that you want to know about your favorite wrestlers.

Rohit pant is a person behind this channel, who runs this channel and uploads daily 2 or 3 videos consistently. Nowadays he started making facecam videos for improving content quality. Wrestling news with face camera videos is a new thing/start in the wrestling community in India.

Currently, he lives in Noida for his study and business. You can watch his face in this video below. He uploaded his face camera video before getting one million subscribers. But right now he has completed his one million subscribers.

Rohit Pant is a college student he doesn’t reveal his study, age, and personal information.

Wrestle Chatter Earning or Income: He earns 50,000 to 80,000 Rupees per month from youtube ads only. (based on ads CPC in India)

youtubersbio.com was launched on August 3, 2019, with a mission to provide precise & frequent information, hard-hitting analysis, and constructive media reviews from the multiple realms of the youtube community universe to inform and entertain youtubers fans around the globe.

Hindustani Bhau Dialogues, Famous Dialogues, Nikal Laude, Pehli Fursat Mein Nikal, Memes and more


Hindustani Bhau Dialogues: Nikal Laude Pehli Fursat Me Nikal. Watch memes and his dialogues videos below.

Vikash Pathak (Hindustani Bhau) is a popular Indian YouTuber, born on 7 August. He makes videos using an utterly abusive foul language against Pakistan or whom he perceives to be Pakistani supporters. The Hindustani Bhau Real Name is Vikas Jayaram Phatak or Fatak. His nickname is Bablu Fatak, and he is also known as Hindustani Bhau. He makes videos gives a reply to some Pakistani peoples who talk bad things about India. Check out his some famous dialogues

1) Nikal Laude Pehli Fursat Me Nikal:

If you know Hindi then you don’t need to explain this, but if you don’t know Hindi these words total abuse. That means someone is saying you get out of here including abuse for you. Check out some examples below.

2) Uthta Hai Kya Tera:

Hindustani Bhau uses this when he is talking about someone who is weak in health but talking like a bodybuilder. As you can watch in the below meme.

3) Jai Hind Dosto:

He uses these words in starting of his videos. And this is also his famous tagline.

watch more memes here…

Hindustani Bhau WhatsApp Sticker, Memes, Photo, Funny Stickers, Status and more


Download Hindustani Bhau WhatsApp Stickers, Photos, Memes, Template, and more fun stuff.

Hindustani Bhau is an Indian Popular Youtuber. Checkout his attractive and popular WhatsApp stickers below. Hindustani Bhau is a new trend of memes in India. So many of his fans want to share and try his WhatsApp stickers, which you can download below.

This is Hindustani Bhau Whatsapp Sticker. You can view, download it by clicking the below link. Download it and add to your WhatsApp sticker pack. If you getting a problem while adding this then try some mobile applications. just add this download sticker in that apk and save it. Then that will start showing in your WhatsApp stickers list. use it share with your friends and enjoy it. For more information read below.

Some steps to follow after downloading the following stickers:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, ES File Explorer and WhatsApp from Google Play on your Android Smartphone.
    Using Es File Explorer, place your custom sticker images in the default Download directory of your phone.
  2. Launch Personal Stickers for WhatsApp. It should automatically detect the sticker images in the Download folder and sort them into different sticker packs according to the available subfolders. If you want to create customized sticker packs, click on the Kebab menu icon on the top-right corner and select Create Sticker Pack. Select the stickers that you want to include in your sticker pack, provide a name for it, and tap on the tick mark on the top-right corner to confirm.
  3. Click on Add adjacent to each sticker pack to import them into WhatsApp.
    Once the import is complete, you should find the newly added sticker packs in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, open a chat, tap on the emoji icon in the bottom-left corner and select the Sticker tab. The newly imported stickers should be available for sending. Just tap on a particular sticker to send it to the chat. The selected sticker will be sent to the chosen contact or group.


Hindustani Bhau Memes – YoutubersBio


Hindustani Bhau Memes

Watch Some funny Memes of Hindustani Bhau: “Nikal Lawde” “Pehli Fursat Me Nikal” and more. Here are some selected funniest memes of Hindustani Bhau from Instagram and other social media.

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Ab batao koun koun chahega 😂 *Tag ur 3 friends* *Use headphone 🎧🎧* *Share if u like it* 😅😍 . . edit by @_meme.adda_ . . ___________________________ Song credit :- ©Mithoon Song: "Phir bhi tumko chahuga" Singer: ©Arjit_Singh Music: Zee Music Company ___________________________ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Follow for more @_meme.adda_ Follow for more @_meme.adda_ Follow for more @_meme.adda_ 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️ Like+comment+share✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Like+comment+share✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Like+comment+share✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ ☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️ . . . #meme #memes #sacredmemes#sacredgames #memelokvaasi #maturebag #backbenchers #Sakhtlaunda #zeemusic #faceapp #Nonvegjokes #phirbhitumkochahunga #chudaap #diprajjadhavedits #sarcastic #adultjokes #indianjokes #Jeejaji #dailymeme #18plusboy #dankmeme #bcbaba #Chutiyapa #Sunnobc #Studentfact #hindustanibhau #Studentlife #Memesdaily #Adultmemes #lndianjokes

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So, guys, these are some funny memes of Bhau. if you like our memes collection share this with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. and read here more latest news about Hindustani Bhau.

Hindustani Bhau Name, Real Name, Original Name, Biography and more


Hindustani Bhau Real Name

Vikash Pathak (Hindustani Bhau) is a popular Indian YouTuber, born on 7 August. Currently famous for his dialogue “Nikal Laude”. He makes videos using an utterly abusive foul language against Pakistan or whom he perceives to be Pakistani supporters.

The Hindustani Bhau Real Name is Vikas Jayaram Phatak or Fatak. His nickname is Bablu Fatak, and he is also known as Hindustani Bhau. He makes videos to gives reply to some Pakistani peoples who talk bad things about India.

Memes Trend may come and go But, Nowadays a new and slangy meme trend has arrived. The reason behind this meme trend is none other than Hindustani Bhau which seems like Munna Bhai Of Parallel Universe. Duplicate of Munna Bhai, he has created millions of fans on social media because of his original slangy voice and dialogues such as “Nikal La*de! Pehli fursat me nikal”. Our Hindustani Bhau has trolled a lot of people including Javed Akhtar, Pakistani Cricket Team and lot more.

He being famous because of his toning of speech and his angry look. He looks like Munna Bhai (Indian actor personality Sanjay Dutt). Right now he has more than 150k subscribers on his official YouTube channel. He publishes video daily or weekly, he doesn’t edit his video, he shoots his video by his mobile camera and directly uploads on YouTube. And his every video goes viral.

I want to discuss one best incidents of Hindustani Bhau. He was on a trip with his family and there was a camp of the Indian navy army. Then one of the major is coming to meet Hindustani Bhau and he hugged Hindustani Bhau and said your videos are awesome. He also said I support you. This whole incident Hindustani Bhau shared in his interview with Evasion studios.

Hindustani Bhau Income

Let’s check out Hindustani Bhau’s Income: First of all Hindustani Bhau doesn’t reveal his income, earnings, net worth on social media. But we will predict his income by taking the help of the internet, his social posts and more.

Hindustani Bhau Youtube Earning: Hindustani Bhau has more than seven lacks subscribers on his youtube channel, he can earn monthly thousands of money, but his youtube channel “Hindustani Bhau” is not monetized. Vikas Jayaram Phatak doesn’t earn money from youtube.

The Net Worth of Hindustani Bhau: Approximately one crore (1 Crore)

Hindustani Bhau Job/Business: Hindustani Bhau is a news reporter at Daksh Police times. He won also rewarded by the chief crime reporter in Mumbai in 2011. and some other rumors are he is a property builder or he is a real estate agent.

Cars and Bikes Collection: Yamaha R15, Royal Enfield, Suzuki Ertiga

Hindustani Bhau Body Measurements

  1. Body Measurements: Height- 5 feet 8 inches, weight 70 kg
  2. Hindustani Bhau Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  3. Bhau Real Name: Vikas Jayaram Phatak
  4. Hindustani Bhau Wife: He got married on 13 December.
  5. Hindustani Bhau Work/Business: YouTuber, a news reporter at Daksh police times, he is also the founder of NGO Sankalp Yuva partisan.
  6. Age: 30 years old

Hindustani Bhau Controversies

Controversies: Hindustani Bhau has Controversy with Pakistani man “khan baba” the second one is  Dr. Turki who is also a Pakistani YouTuber and One more Pakistani woman “Sajida Ahmed.

Hindustani Bhau uses an abusive language against Pakistan or whom he perceives to be as Pakistani sympathizers. India and Pakistan are going through a very rough phase of international relationships and with the rise of a right-wing nationalist party as the government of India for 2nd term has boosted the confidence within the Hindu nationalists’ right-wing supporters across the nation. So any sort of criticism and abuses against Pakistan and Pakistani sympathizers are loved by many Indians, especially the youth. Plus the way Hindustani Bhau abuses with creativity in his abuses with the typical Maharashtrian /Mumbaikar accent he uses makes it look very funny and amusing to many. It’s apparent from the massive views and likes he gets on his videos. Relatively dislikes are far far less on his videos. He got this much fame after people started making Memes out of his videos.

I believe that people like Hindustani Bhau who utter such violent and sexual abuses should not be supported and not be made a sensation, not even in a humorous way. The fact that we are normalizing such things is a very dangerous sign and such people, directly and indirectly, affect society in the wrong way. Especially the impact on children and youth is profound.

Real NameVikas Jayaram Phatak
NicknameBablu Phatak
Youtube Channel NameHindustani Bhau
Date of Birth7 August
BirthplaceMumbai Maharashtra, India
Star Sign/ Zodiac SignLEO
HometownMumbai, India
Known Forvideos and dialogues
Hindustani BhauBody Measurements
Height in Centimeters174 cm
Height in Meter1.74 m
Height in foot Inches5 feet 8 inches
Weight in Kilograms
70 kilograms
Weight in Pound134 Pound
Body MeasurementsN/A
Biceps Size15
Chest Size44
Waist Size35
Body TypeMedium
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


Read Hindustani Bhau Address: (Read More)

Hindustani Bhau in Bigg Boss (Watch Here)

T-Shirts of Hindustani Bhau: (Link is Here)

We will update this post soon. And we will give you more information about Hindustani Bhau. Stay tuned with youtubersbio.com for more updates.