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Who is Pathan Bhai 

Nowaday’s internet is everywhere, and that’s why some people who have a little bit of talent for anything, they are going viral. Pathan Bhai is also one of them. Yes, I don’t say that man has no talent, Pathan Bhai has a talent of how to talk or you can say how to give slappy reply to the opponent in a funny way.

The most popular thing is to smile or laugh, yes Pathan Bhai laughing style is attractive. So many people enjoy there videos just for watching his laughing. And Pathan Bhai has gone viral because of Pakistani wrestler Khan baba. (This does not confirm that he is a wrestler). And another person who gave more popularity to Pathan Bhai is a Dr. Turki (again this does not confirm that he is a doctor).

Pathan Bhai makes videos to give a reply to this Pakistani people’s. And as you know many people hate Khan baba. So Pathan Bhai started making roast videos of this guy’s and he got many viewers. He has most of the viewers from India and Afghanistan. Then people’s started enjoying there content. So this is Pathan Bhai

At this time Pathan Bhai has more than 360k subscribers on YouTube. More than 1500 followers on Instagram.


Pathan Bhai real name: N/A (We will notify you as soon as possible)

Age: 28-32 Approx

Nationality: Afghanistan

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