PUBG Best Player | Who is the best pubg player in the world?

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Who is the best PUBG player in the world? Answering this question is not easy, because everyone has their thinking on which Player playing well. Today we are selecting some top Best PUBG Players in the world, on the basics of Tournaments winners and the basics of Youtube Streamers or Gamers fans. Finally, we will see who is at the top.

As you know nowadays PUBG is ruling in the whole world. People loving PUBG because of PUBG is the best game ever, which is available on mobile also. Graphics and concepts are also very nice to play in. Many fans like to play and also watch to streams on youtube, but there are very fewer people who are famous in the PUBG universe. So we are going to discuss some top pubg players below. There are a lot of players in the world, who play PUBG awesome. Check out some famous names, such as Athena Gaming, Coffin, SOUL Mortal, Biu Biu, Rollexxx, Izzo, Levinho, Panda, BTR Zuxxy, Team Queso, Spacestation Gaming, Scout, Sevou, etc. Let’s see who is the best player below.

Top PUBG Players in the world.

  1. RRQ D2E: D2E is the best PUBG player in the World. His real name is Bawonchai Han. He is born in Thailand.
  2. Shroud: God of PUBG comes on the second number in the world’s best PUBG players. His real name is Michael GRZ. He is born on 2 June 1994. He becomes famous after killing Soul Mortal several times in a PUBG tournament.
  3. Athena Gaming: His real name is Serioton. Athena Gaming is from South Korea who plays PUBG Mobile in FPP/TPP mode. The Athena Gaming is best known for his sniping skills and close-range battles. He is popular because of his pro-level gaming skills.
  4. Coffin: He is famous for his solo vs squad matches. The coffin is from Turkey.
  5. SOUL Mortal: Mortal’s real name is Naman Mathur. He is an Indian Professional PUBG player. He is born on 17 August 1996. Naman is famous for his mobile PUBG gameplay.
  6. Biu-Biu: He comes on number 6 in the world. His real name is Yulei-Xin. Biu-Biu is born on 1 June 2000. He plays pubg by four finger claw.

PUBG Best Player



RRQ D2E is one of the best PUBG players in the world. His real name is the Bawonchai Han. Banwonchai is a 24-year-old Professional PUBG player from Bangkok, Thailand. He is best known as the PUBG Username D2E. Bawonchai Han is a member of PUBG squad RRQ, so he is famous for Nickname RRQ D2E. RRQ Athena is a Thai PUBG Mobile team or Squad under Rex Regum Qeon, a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia. He joined the RRQ squad on 2018-09-04. His role is an attacker in Game.


Let’s talk about why RRQ D2E is the best PUBG player in the world. He won several competitions such as PUBG official mobile tournaments. RRQ D2E has represented PMSC, Crew Challenge, Indonesia tournament center, etc. According to his social media fan following, he is the best PUBG player in the world. D2E used to play 4 finger claw technique. He has good skills in close range combat. Bawonchai is the best player in his squad RRQ. Han is a conqueror player in many seasons, with a good Kill Dead (KD) ratio.

Personally, I used to watch every PUBG Gameplay video available on youtube but doesn’t understand a single word haha. He is the best player ever. He is one of the best attackers in PUBG.

Gaming Setup & PC Specifications

Controls4 Fingers Claw
PUBG ID512269986

Many PUBG fans don’t know him better, because he is not more active on social media like youtube, Instagram. He has not more subscribers like some famous PUBG gameplay YouTubers, and streamers.

RRQ D2E youtube channel stats 

  • Youtube Channel Name: RRQ D2E esport.
  • Subscribers: 400k subscribers.
  • Videos Uploaded: more than 167 videos.
  • Video views: 26,871,503 views.
  • Channel Created Date: Sep 11th, 2018.
  • Games Rank of youtube: 5,828th
  • Youtube Income: $133 – $2.1K monthly

RRQ D2E Best PUBG Gameplays