Rajeev Raja Age, Family, Life Story, Best Songs and Biography – Rajeev Raja Singer and YouTuber


Rajeev Raja – an Indian Famous Singer, Youtuber personality (Independent Artist) who has more than one million subscribers on youtube.

His first song which becomes very popular on youtube is “Tum Jaise Chutiyo Ka Sahara Hai Dosto”. This song becomes very famous and everyone started sharing this song. People liked this song because this is based on Friendship. Now this song has 93M (ninety-three million) views on youtube. After this song Rajeev Raja become famous.

He is a true live performer and has done over 1500 live stage performances throughout India. Rajeev Raja sings mostly Friends Anthem, Break up Anthem, Pardesi Anthem, Nasha Anthem like songs. He said he doesn’t sing best, but he believes in his lyrics and music. His dream is singing songs for Bollywood.

He is born in Himachal Pradesh. He is nearly 25-30 years old. He is the son of a common farmer. He lives in the village, His village name is Sirmous. that’s why that was not easy to create good song video content. He also sang in hotels. He struggled and followed his passion and become popular.


Rajeev Raja is a famous protean Singer from (Himachal Pradesh) Shimla, Who can sing in Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi, and English equally well. He also won the title of ”Himachal Idol” in the year 2008 and got released his first audio album ” Tumne Rulaaya”.

Rajeev Raja Income: youtube earning – According to social blade: $2.6K – $41K per month. But according to youtube ads revenue in India Rajeev Raja earning is only 50 to 70 thousand rupees per month. ($800 -$1k). Other Earnings – His income is also based on his song shows, albums sell, and more but that amount is unknown.