Technical Guruji Income – What is Technical Guruji Youtube Earning, Net Worth, Monthly Income, and Technical Guruji Familly Business

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Technical Guruji Aka Gaurav Choudhary is one of the tops and big YouTubers in India. He is a famous and very popular person in the youtube community. Today we will discuss his income, earnings, net worth and more.

First of all, I would like to tell you. this income report is based on my personal research and some other information from the internet globe. You can read below correct and real information about technical guruji income.

So let’s talk about Technical guruji youtube earning only: Gaurav Choudhary himself said that he earns 30 to 45 lacks Indian rupees per month from youtube. This includes ads revenue, sponsorships, and all related to his youtube channel and social accounts like (Instagram, Facebook)

Now, check out his income from his other businesses and companies: Again he told himself that he earns more than 100 % of youtube money by his business. Which means he earns more than one crore rupees (100 lakh Indian rupees) per month by his business or other companies. you can check out below which business he runs.

Technical Guruji Net Worth: $15 Million. (1,06,71,30,000 Indian Rupees) 


Technical Guruji Family Business: His family business includes selling stationery things, sugar, rice, perfumes, etc. His family business also includes services like event management, online radio, and more. but technical guruji is not so connected with that business. Technical Guruji Aka Gaurav Choudhary is a Dubai Certified Security engineer. Where he works like installation of cc tv cameras of buildings, hotels, etc. management of gate barriers of parking, scanners like fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, id card scanners, etc. And he earns more revenue from this business than his youtube channel.

So, guys, this is all about technical guruji or Gaurav Choudhary income and income sources you can read here biographies of many famous YouTubers (click here and read)