Which Country plays PUBG the most? Top PUBG Playing Country Live | 2020

which country plays pubg the most & less or least

Top PUBG Playing Countries

PUBG stands for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” which is an online multiplayer game. This game is developed in South Korea by Bluehole Company. In 2017, South Korea was the most PUBG playing country in the world. At the end of 2017, China became Top Country to playing PUBG, and consistently the United States became the top PUBG playing country in Feb 2018. What about 2020, read more below.

On 1 January 2019, the United States was first, China was the second, and Russia was the third most PUBG playing country in the world. PUBG’s home country South Korea was on the fourth number in 1 January 2019.[Note: You can join our clan anytime, clan name is “MachineMasters” Also read: How to join a clan in PUBG]

which country plays pubg the most & less or least
Release20 December 2017
Genre & modeBattle Royal & Multiplayer
Top PUBG playing Countries of 2019
1. Indiamore than 45 crores users
2. The United Statesmore than 35 crores users
3. Chinamore than 32 crores users
4. Russiamore than 30 Crores users
5. Germanymore than 22 crores users
6. South Koreamore than 20 crores users
7. The United Kingdommore than 12 crores users

After March 2019, India started crossing each and every top country to playing PUBG most in the world. As you know India is the youngest country in the world, which means currently India has the youngest generation. On 30 March 2019 India came in the top 3 most PUBG playing countries, and continuously India became Top Pubg playing country on 8 September 2019, having more than 45 crores Indian users. Some India YouTubers like Dynamo, Carryminati, Mortal also started streaming the PUBG gameplay. After this PUBG became an income source of some YouTubers. Personally I also play PUBG, for entertainment. PUBG is a very nice and entertaining mobile game ever.

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Right now PUBG has more than 100 million users in the world. Most of the users of this are from India, United States, and china. The game has also gained multiple awards from individual press.

Top 10 PUBG Playing Countries

For more clarity, check out the video below, which shows most PUBG playing countries from 2017 to 2019. (Running graph of Top PUBG playing countries)

Pubg mobile is the most popular & famous mobile game in the whole world. Many People follow this game by heart and play a few hours per day. PUBG won the many hearts by his attractive control, structure, intelligence, and good graphics. The newest 0.17.0 PUBG mobile update has brought many interesting and new changes into the game bringing ‘Death Replay,’ ‘Hardcore mode,’ and more. For avid PUBG mobile gamers, it is a dream to reach the Conqueror level, they play very hard to achieve this level. This game spread madness in nearly all countries in the globe. As you have seen above India is the most PUBG played county in 2019 and 2020.

For your kind information, some countries also banning PUBG, because of his addiction in youth. But the ban has been left after some time in many countries. In India people can play PUBG only 6 hours, after 6 hours PUBG notify players about the time limit, this is also a one-time type of ban.

Which Country plays PUBG the most?

As of 2020, India is the most PUBG played country, and China is the second country, who plays PUBG mobile the most.

Nowadays, the “PUBG ban in India topic” become a new trend in the world. Fans need not worry, as PUBG Mobile has not been banned in India. The Indian government banned many Chinese apps in India. Please share your thoughts about this topic below. Do you want to ban PUBG in India?

So, this is all about those countries, who play PUBG the most. This is the live countdown and graphics video on Top PUBG Playing Country. As of 2020, I will update this article as soon as possible, subscribe to our website with your Gmail, and stay tuned. Thanks


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