Wrestle Chatter Owner Rohit Pant Income, Earning, Real Name, Face, and Biography


Check out all you need to know about Rohit Pant, who is the Owner of the youtube channel Wrestle Chatter.

Wrestle Chatter is a youtube channel that provides content related to Pro Wrestling including WWE Updates, news, rumors, info about wrestling world, upcoming event predictions, rumors, opinions and many more things that you want to know about your favorite wrestlers.

Rohit pant is a person behind this channel, who runs this channel and uploads daily 2 or 3 videos consistently. Nowadays he started making facecam videos for improving content quality. Wrestling news with face camera videos is a new thing/start in the wrestling community in India.

Currently, he lives in Noida for his study and business. You can watch his face in this video below. He uploaded his face camera video before getting one million subscribers. But right now he has completed his one million subscribers.


Rohit Pant is a college student he doesn’t reveal his study, age, and personal information.

Wrestle Chatter Earning or Income: He earns 50,000 to 80,000 Rupees per month from youtube ads only. (based on ads CPC in India)

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